Bad Blood Exhaust Hamburg Metalcore Metal Deathcore

Bad Blood Exhaust Hamburg Metalcore Metal Deathcore


14. Sep. 2024
Sa. 19:00

Support for Never Back Down

27. Sep. 2024
Fr. 19:00

Support for Never Back Down


About us

Bad Blood Exhaust (BBX) is an Industrial Metal core band from Hamburg. With the band line-up that has existed since 2017, the band was able to convince both live and with their single releases and a loyal fan base, just in the local area, generate. The musical hallmark of the band is the use of the somber and experimental sound design for the samples and the synthesizers, combined with various influences from rock to the extreme metal subgenres. With songs like „Love in Low Resolution“ (with guest feature Tobias Rische (Ex-Alazka) from Novelists FR), which invites you to sing along, and „Ignorance is Bliss“ with the message against war, racism and demarcation, BBX regularly play regional and national shows. The band also has its own festival series called “Easter X” in the legendary Hamburg “Logo”. The main goal of the band is to be multi-faceted and eclectic with a style of its own and to give the audience an unforgettable kind of entertainment.